Went shopping at the store in Snyder, Tx. For the most part everything was shopping as usual. When we got to the tea area it had been changed a lot. My wife drinks Lipton cold brew decaf. That brand was now on the bottom shelf and no such kind we have bought in there...
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Snyder, Texas
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I hate doing this but sadly I went to United on 5th street in Plainview and was so saddens to see so much of their stuff not acknowledging anyone... the only one who did was Buddy which is no surprise wonderful man but I walked through out so many aisles and employees...
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Plainview, Texas
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United Supermarkets - The manger was rude his name is joe

Mr joe manger of market street on19th was very rude calling me names that was not costumer servers mr joe also threated me which case my life was in danger
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The Amigos (United) store in Lubbock, Texas was recommended to me for a specialty item I needed. I drove in from a surrounding community (before work) as the store hours stated it opened at "6 am". I and others were waiting outside for the doors to open when 1st- we...
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I didn't like
  • Being treated as if i were somehow undeserving of respect
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Last night about 8 o'clock, I observed a young couple with 2 small children be humiliated by the stores Assistant Manager Whitney Brownlow. The couple purchased formula for their baby using their WIC card. They then had a few small items such as off brand soda, a...
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I didn't like
  • Young family being humiliated by asst manager in quanah
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I want to no. Why do you discriminate against. High school kids. My daughter put in an application in january and she got one interview they said they would call her when an opening came open ok now it is march no call i was in line buying grocerys the other night...
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Because you can’t sue a child!! I don’t care what grades your child gets. She is under 18 and they want FULL responsibility from the employees. As such they want employees 18+...

Pampa, Texas
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United Supermarkets - Merchandise

No problem with the store but wondering if anyone else gets home with food items like cookies crackers granola bars etc and they are broken Pay for item and it’s crumbs when opened Watched a man stocking cookies smashing them down so he could get them all in the shelf
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United Supermarkets - Unsatisfactory help

I went to purchase a six pack of beer, and manager by the name of Keith thought my ID was fake. Manager said was making false accusations of me, and was saying I was not as experienced as him to understand. I did not get a last name, and it was at 79109 Amarillo, Texas 34th and bell location store.
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I've been a shopper and Albertsons at Rio Rancho for many years I have gotten to know some of the employees who work in all the Departments who are very nice and work very hard there has been some changes made in the last 3 to 4 weeks with New Management I only know...
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1. Someone needs to train the Cordell, Ok store on how to order cigarettes. EVERY week they run out and no one seems to understand how a build to book works. And, it isn't off brands... it's friggin Marlboros! How hard is it to show an increase in the build to amount...
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