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On 8/11/2017,United Supermarket Pharmacy on 45th/Bell at approximately 8:30pm, I presented a Narcotic Prescription for a pain relieving medication I have been taking for the last 10 years, the Rx was written for the 12th of August 2017. The first person to present herself to assist a customer had accepted my Rx, along with my Insurance card and drivers license.

I had filled similar Rx's at this same pharmacy for years, and she told me she would be right back. When she returned, she informed me that they did not have enough medication to fill the Rx, but would Monday. I asked her how many tablets they had on hand, and to please just fill the amount they had and that they could owe me the remainder. She mumbled, "50", and excused herself and told me she was just a student.

Another pharmacist came to assist with such an abrasive manner, that I thought there was something wrong with him. He stated that, I will fill the Rx on Monday, 14th and did I have a "problem with that?" I told him we were going out of town and that other states would not fill a Cll from another state. I reminded him that the Rx was written for the 12th and that in itself was sufficient cause to fill the Rx: The same Dr. had written my Rx's for the last year since June 2016.

He then stated that, "I can wait until you run out before I have to fill the Rx." He then stated that he would fill the Rx on the 13th, as I had "sufficient medication to last." My last Rx was on the 31st of July,2017, a two week supply. I do not think he realized there were 31 days in July. This pharmacist was the most abrasive, insulting apothecary I ever encountered. It he doubted the validity of the Rx, he could have called the Dr.

or call the police;even though my records were at his fingertips. There was nothing in my manner, behavior or appearance that would have been a cause for concern. I drove up to the window in what others have described as, "A very nice car." What bothers me additionally, is that he is teaching students to LIE, to customers. They certainly had sufficient medication to fill the Rx.

He instructed the first student to lie and say they did not have enough medication to fill and that I would have to wait until Monday for their shipment to arrive. The fact that he stated he would fill the Rx on Sunday the 13th, verified he had enough to fill and did not need to wait until Monday for the "shipment". I am not sure what this man's problem is. I did not attend the University of Michigan School of Medicine, work for the DPS and conduct cancer research at the VA hospital, nor spend years supervising crises intervention to be treated as if I had just crawled out from under a rock.

I have had enough psychiatry to confidently state that there is something seriously improper in the manner this licensed pharmacist for United Supermarkets acts and behaves. Keep in mind that if indeed he is training students, the manner in which he serves customers is indeed the manner in which he teaches others to behave. I have trained enough students and even taught at Amarillo College, to know that regardless of what is said, ones behavior speaks more loudly. The incident occurred on the 11th of August, 2017 at approximately 8:30pm through the drive up window.

I presented both insurance card and license (drivers). I must reiterate, the manner in which this man acted is indicative of some serious behavior issues.

You have been notified. As a side note, another pharmacy had no problem what so ever in filling my Rx.

Review about: United Supermarkets Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apology is requested.

I didn't like: Pharmacist teaching students to lie to customers, Being treated as if i were somehow undeserving of respect, An educated man treating customers badly without cause.

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